When it comes to reforming a bathroom the dilemma of changing the bath is usually presented by a shower tray. If we stop to think, most of us do not usually use the Asíduamente bathtub for various reasons, then we show you some reasons why you should make the change.

    • Security and accessibility

One of the most common domestic accidents is definitely tripping or slipping when entering or leaving the tub. This is still further aggravated in older people or with reduced mobility. With the new shower showers available on the market or a work shower tray you can avoid accidents and gain a lot of comfort when it comes to showering.

    • More space

Bathtubs usually take up much more space than shower trays. Making the change you will gain space in the toilet. There are plenty of sizes and measurements so you can surely find the measure that suits your needs and with it, gain space.

    • Save money

Help the environment while saving money. In a bath are usually spent about 200 liters of water while in a shower of 5 minutes can be spent between 75 and 90 liters. The saving of water and therefore, of money, can be more than considerable.

    • Win in design

There are currently shower trays with incredible designs that adapt to all the spaces, designs and pockets. There is a wide range of possibilities, from the blackboard or the “tile” to the ceramic. The advantages are many, so from ALICANTE surveyors we encourage you to make the change, reform your bathroom, and if needed you can contact us to advise and make a detailed budget.

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